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The Voice of our Customers

Thanks to our customers, we have been able to work on great and exciting projects. We thank all the wonderful people we have been working together with for the trust given to us! We are also very thankful for all the constructive and positive feedback which we have received.

Let us share some of them:

 PHILIPS Healthcare

Philips Healthcare B.V., Best, The Netherlands

Imaging Systems, Magnetic Resonance Imaging

We have been using MRTRM to create training materials for different global target groups since 2010. MRTRM creates modular, precise and clear training materials for use in multiple contexts and languages. Content is made easy to understand by frequent use of diagrams, photos, other assisting demonstrations and inter-activities and is highly appreciated. We experience MRTRM as a flexible, reliable and innovative company with the focus on our needs and goals.

To view examples of what MRTRM has created for us, visit the

Philips Online Learning Center - Magnetic Resonance Imaging Product Training International or USA catalogue of acredited training modules.


Rokus Harder

Global lead MRI Field Support & Education

April 2016

 Gastroenterology Foundation e.V.

Gastroenterology Foundation e.V., Klinikum r.d. Isar Technische Universität,

Munich, Germany - Professor Dr. med. Drs. h.c. Meinhard Classen (Chairman)

When our international consortium for the development of a newly constructed Gastroenterology Department at the Muhimbili University Hospital in Dar es Salaam (Tanzania) was looking into options for web-based online-teaching for future specialists in the disciplines of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, we were recommended to take contact with MRTRM B.V. in Best/The Netherlands. This highly specialized company has an excellent track record with respect to the implementation of different learning strategies, and also regarding the creation of on-site and online learning materials directed at a global target group of technical/medical company personnel as well as final end-users.


After a short briefing about the special conditions of the Muhimbili Hospital, the character of the target ‘fellows’ to be promoted, and the huge and very heterogenous teaching material, MRTRM came up with  a convincing concept. Not only did the concept merge video-conferencing and presentations, discussions and joint revision of any kind of audio-visual materials (with the possibility of storing these in libraries), but also added the administration of personal and professional data of single participants and institutions (accessible in dedicated general or person specific sections). In this way, not only the characteristics and activities of individuals and a single department could be reflected, but potentially also the structures, tasks and achievements within national or international networks of similar kind. In November 2014, in a consortium meeting in Munich/D, MRTRM demonstrated a prototype of their concept.


After this demonstration, the above-mentioned consortium decided spontaneously to subscribe to the further development of this prototype for the given purpose, and also to test and promote the product in future national and international grant applications regarding academic teaching.


On behalf of the consortium,


Prof. Dr. M. Classen, Munich/D


January 3rd, 2015

 Muhimbili University of Health and Allied Sciences - MUHAS

Muhimbili University of Health and Allied Sciences (MUHAS),

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania - Prof. E. Kaaya (Vice Chancellor)

We requested MRTRM to provide us with a concept which enables us to perform online teaching and education of future specialists in the disciplines of Gastroenterology and Hepatology.

MRTRM handed in a very promising concept which suited our needs well, also taking our local considerations and challenges related to online environments into account. Shortly thereafter, we invited MRTRM to Munich/D to present the first prototype of their MyVirtualDepartment®, tailored to our necessities.

The MyVirtualDepartment® convinced us with respect to its possibilities of

  • national and international collaboration and knowledge exchange;
  • preparation and elaboration of presentations and publications;
  • student guidance; and
  • performance tracking.

In addition, the high potential to further extend the MyVirtualDepartment® with aspects which may not be applicable nor obvious in the beginning, makes the online platform to a very promising environment to be used in multiple contexts and disciplines.

It was a pleasure to get together and we are all excited in taking this further with next steps.


Prof. E. Kaaya, Dar es Salaam


January, 2015

 Feedback Collection

Chris Hubner, USA

Great course! Thank you Claudia & Stephanie. I appreciate all the hard work you have done. One of the best trainings I have been to!

Paul Worthington from the USA, listed what he liked most in one of our trainings:

  • Encouraged discussion within the group - truly interactive
  • Excellent balance of lecture + hands-on
  • Pre-learning was OUTSTANDING!

Marjolijn van Battum, The Netherlands

I just love to see the bigger picture and everything coming together and falling into place.

Jim Snicer, USA

Excellent course, this should be a template for all trainings in the future.

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