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MRTRM stands for Magnetic Resonance Training and Resource Management.


MRTRM B.V. was founded by us, Claudia Wehmann and Stephanie Stockbrügger in November 2010. MRTRM is a Dutch company professionalized in the training development and creation. We have many years of experience in

  1. being a customer ourselves;
  2. performing customer trainings;
  3. educating internal staff / instructors who then educate the customers;
  4. teaching trainers of international trainers, train the trainers; and
  5. developing learning strategies and creating learning modules to accommodate for different target groups and knowledge levels.

This experience enables us to identify and face the needs of different target groups. Very early, we discovered our passion to create practical training materials according to specific needs, including training not related to MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging). This was the basis to successfully establish our company with a focus on the creation of learning experiences, including knowledge management and online collaboration.

MRTRM places high value on the training definition, and thus ensures goal driven learning experiences and the contiguity of the training once defined.

In addition to the training experience, MRTRM has a history of many years practical experience in both the development processes of new products and resource management. With that, MRTRM can also help you to allocate the resources required for specific projects or tasks.


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Our philosophy is based on the strong belief in a holistic training approach.


The holistic training approach includes the conviction that the training program

  • has no self purpose.
    It needs to chase tangible goals which result in, for example: performance improvement; enhanced customer satisfaction; reduction of call rates; cost reductions; or enriched market positioning.
  • is not a stand alone.
    Both the introduction of the training and the post training support are essential to bring the training program to success.
  • needs to be relevant and meaningful to everybody involved in the training program.
    "Everyone" refers to all the people involved in the training program, including managers, stakeholders, training creators, and - of course - the  learners or participants themselves.
  • follows a modular approach.
    The training shall consist of digestible chunks with the possibility of maximum reuse and reduced maintenance.
  • is based on a thorough and detailed definition.
    This enables, among others: the choice of the best suited learning strategy; the clear communication of expected training outcomes; the precise tailoring of the training experience to match the expected outcomes; and a tangible evaluation.
  • offers multiple opportunities for collaboration.
    Collaboration must be an essential part in a training to foster engagement, learning and understanding. This applies especially in an online environment in which participants' accountability and drop-out rates were often an issue.



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Our vision is to create with and for YOU a training experience which meets your and your business goals.


This training experience includes the

  • elaboration of YOUR needs and business goals.
  • training definition according to YOUR needs and business goals.
  • creation of training material under deep consideration of modern learning theories to support learning effectiveness and efficiency.
  • knowledge management and collaboration to foster performance in the workplace.
  • evaluation of the training according to YOUR business goals.

BUT, our perception of training experience goes beyond the preceding mentioned, which mainly focuses on the creation part. We want to be part of the entire process and to support YOU to

  • manage your projects.
  • elaborate on activities required prior to the training, e.g. obtaining management support; setting participants expectations; or implementing a change management process when a change in learning behavior is necessary.
  • develop post training strategies to foster performance.

Within this vision, YOU ARE MORE than a customer. With you, we want to become ONE TEAM to establish a successful, rich training experience which exceeds your and your trainees' expectations.


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The two Owners and Managers




Claudia Wehmann

General Manager with focus on Training Design & Development, Knowledge Management and Collaboration Solutions.

Native language: German

My Hobbies are:

  • Reading
  • Cooking & Dining
  • My Dog (on the right)

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Stephanie Stockbrügger

General Manager with focus on Multi Media, Project & Resource Management and Collaboration Solutions.

Native language: German

My Hobbies are:

  • Photography
  • Cooking & Gardening
  • Camping
  • My Dog (on the right)

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